Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Good Soldier Švejk summary

The statue of Švejk in Humenné
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Švejk has been a faithful companion the past couple of months and I’m a little sad to shelve him (although maybe not for long since a family member seems interested in reading it). Despite its unevenness, I really enjoyed the book. To simply say this is an anti-war novel misses the target of Hašek’s satire which is bureaucracy of any form whether it is military, governmental, religious or judicial in nature. A story addressing the mind-numbing and soul-destroying control exerted by others who allegedly know what’s best for us resonates just as much today as it did for Hašek almost a century ago. Absurdity has no limits, temporal or geographic, and if you can’t be like Švejk and remain unfazed as it washes over you at least you can laugh about it with this book.

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dainfomaster said...

You've missed the the site and the new translation at :-)

Dwight said...

I highlighted SvejkCentral in the "resources" link--it is truly a wealth of information and links revolving around the work.

And while I linked Zenny Sadlon's comments on the difficulties of a new translation, it definitely is worth pointing out that the work is now finished. Thanks!