Friday, April 08, 2011

The Landmark Arrian: The Campaigns of Alexander reading group (bumped)

Update: I have attached the schedule for anyone still thinking about joining the reading group--please do! The first call is on Monday. Follow the link in the original post for more details.

Conference Call Schedule 2011
Monday, April 11 - Intro. call
Monday, May 2 - Book 1
Monday, June 6 - Book 2
Monday, July 11 - Book 3
Monday, Sept 12 - Books 4 & 5
Monday, Oct 3 - Book 6
Monday, Nov 7 - Book 7 & Epilogue

I’m not familiar with Reading Odyssey, Inc. but their upcoming event discussing The Landmark Arrian: The Campaigns of Alexander looks exciting. Plus the schedule looks feasible for me. While I’m trying to limit my acquisition of books this year, this is one I had planned on including in my purchases (and have already bought). I’ll definitely post on this as it occurs.

I’m looking forward to reading Arrian’s account, having already read the biographies by Robin Lane Fox (highest recommendation) and Paul Cartledge (a thematic biography—recommended if you are already familiar with Alexander’s life). And there are plenty more out there such as Peter Green’s book and Philip Freeman’s recent release.

On a side note, I just noticed this is the 500th post here. This blog started as a place for personal finance bloggers to comment on particular books (hence the ‘bookcents’ name and the first few books focusing on money or wealth), but that project never really got off the ground. After being dormant for a year, I revived the blog as a way to take notes when reading a few Modernist literature works and it has been evolving ever since. Into what, I’m not sure but maybe I’ll figure it out at some point. Anyway, a huge “thank you” to those that read and comment on my ramblings.

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