Saturday, June 27, 2009

Someday, kiddies, you will learn about SEX

We're reading less Dr. Seuss and working our way through 'first reader' books with the oldest. But I did like this line from an interview with Dr. Philip Nel, professor of English at Kansas State University and director of the graduate program in children’s literature (who knew there was such a thing? and would Dr. Seuss qualify for the program today?):

Did his publisher reject any characters or storylines because they were controversial?
No, but Seuss was a practical joker who liked to tweak his editors. His editor Michael Frith recalls receiving a draft page for Dr. Seuss’s ABC, in which Seuss drew a large-breasted woman and the following verse: “Big X, little x. X, X, X. / Someday, kiddies, you will learn about SEX.” That does not appear in the book. Seuss was just making sure that Frith was paying attention.

Having read the book MANY times, I would have much preferred the original (well, maybe with some small changes)...I used to wing it anyway instead of reading things exactly as they appeared in print. Now I have to be more careful about it so the oldest isn't confused...

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