Monday, November 19, 2012

English translations of novels by Galdós

Following up on the legal papers that were served me earlier this year by Richard (see the comments in this post), I thought I would provide a separate post for linking to my posts on the novels translated into English by Benito Pérez Galdós. I had no plans to go this far on his works but when you go with the flow as I do, stuff like this happens. I’m in no rush to check things off the list but I do have a few of these lined up to read over the next few months.

Books in English translation by Galdós

Angel Guerra (1890-91)

The Disinherited (1881)

Doña Perfecta (1876)

Fortunata and Jacinta (1886-87)

Gerona (1874)

The Golden Fountain Café (1870)

Miau (1888)

Misericordia (1897)

Nazarín (1895)

Our Friend Manso (1882)

Reality (1889)

The Shadow (1870)

The Spendthrifts (La de Bringas) (1884)

Torment (1884)

  • Torquemada at the Stake (1889)
  • Torquemada on the Cross (1893)
  • Torquemada in Purgatory (1894)
  • Torquemada and Saint Peter (1895)
Trafalgar (1873) (English translation available here)

Tristana (1892)

The Unknown (1889)

Short Stories in English translation by Galdós

"The Novel on the Tram"

Plays in English translation by Galdós
Mariucha (1903)

Posted reviews about movies based on Galdós' novels
The Grandfather (El Abuelo): 1988, Spain
Viridiana (based on Halma): 1961, Spain/Mexico
Tristana: 1970, Spain


Amateur Reader (Tom) said...

For a writer who remains as little known as Galdós, the length of the list is astounding.

Dwight said...

And they run the gamut from easily available to outrageously expensive. Several will need to be interlibrary loans because of limited availability and/or cost.

Jacobus 323 said...

Does anyone know if "Nazarin" has ever been translated into English?

Dwight said...

Yes, it's on the list. The copy I have is from Oxford University Press' "The World's Classics" series. Translated by Jo Labanyi. Published in 1993. I just did a search on used book sites and it can be found for under $10.


please, does anybody know about an English translation or summary of "miau"?

Dwight Green said...

I have a Penguin Classics edition of "Miau," translated by J. M. Cohen. I did a quick search on this morning and found editions for under $5. Good luck!

Silvia said...

Trafalgar, his first "Episodio Nacional", it's also translated and free here,

Dwight said...

Thanks so much Silvia. I've added it to the list along with the link. I greatly appreciate it!