Thursday, June 09, 2011

OK, where was I?

Back home and back to work today after a week away. I avoided internet access while away so I have a lot piled up. I hope to get back to a semi-normal posting schedule next week (depending on work).

The only book I read while I was away was Charles Hill’s Grand Strategies: Literature, Statecraft and World Order. On top of all my other reading projects (wait, the library notified me some of my special orders are in!) I can add a new one. Chapter Three of the book addresses aspects of and around the Thirty Years War and the following books were mentioned. I’m not promising myself I’ll get to all of them (and probably not even touch any of these until next year), but at least it provides a starting point:
Grimmelshausen, Adventures of Simplicissimus
Defoe, Memoirs of a Cavalier
Grotius, The Law of War and Peace
Stacton, People of the Book
Huxley, Grey Eminence
Schiller, The Wallenstein Trilogy
Grass, The Meeting at Telgte

If anyone knows of any additional books (or have comments on these) regarding the Thirty Years War, fiction (another good reason for me to revisit The Betrothed) or nonfiction (Wedgwood?), I welcome the comments.


Amateur Reader (Tom) said...

I have only heard the best about Wedgwood.

The Grimmelshausen is fascinating, a weird glimpse of an entirely different notion of what prose fiction should do. Schiller is a landmark.

All right, those are my comments.

Amateur Reader (Tom) said...
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Dwight said...

Thanks for the additional info!