Monday, August 17, 2020

Stanford Continuing Studies, Fall Courses


I want to highlight the enrollment period of Stanford University's Continuing Studies fall courses. I took Christopher Krebs' spring 2020 course on Tacitus and enjoyed it. I wanted to take several courses over the years, but the money hurdle and the commute time (when I was living in the Bay Area) was more than I could commit to spending. With the switch to online meetings, part of that unfavorable equation evaporated. The money part hasn't disappeared, but I can still dream of taking courses in the future.

One thing I've started doing is looking through the courses and browsing the recommended texts. Based on the one course I've taken, they will change and the instructor will provide additional articles and texts. Even so, if you're like me and want to add to your ToBeRead list/stack, this is a great resource. And there are other continuing studies courses at many colleges and universities that you can take advantage of in the same manner. Don't dismiss or disparage your ability to create a learning plan/course!


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