Wednesday, October 10, 2018

At the risk of excessive exultation

The other major find yesterday was a "new" used copy of La Regenta, retiring the pictured copy being held together by rubber bands. While I have many fond memories of piecing together the old copy (literally) while reading it, I'm hoping this one survives re-readings. Which I hope to do soon. First, though, I'll need to finish and post on Galdos' La desheredada / The Disinherited, a pivotal book in an impressive career.


Anonymous said...

I joined with Tom/Amateur Reader a couple of summers back in a group reading of and posting about La Regenta. It's a powerful novel of provincial life.

Dwight said...

It is one of my favorite books and I've never seen it available in a store before. The clerk was curious about it and I tried hard not to gush too much about it.