Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Tradycyjna Medycyna Chińska

I'm happy to report my wife's book has been translated in Polish! Which is funny since she gives me grief about the books I read from Central European authors. I've proposed a book tour of Poland, but I doubt our budget can handle it at the moment. You can dream, right?

Since I'm talking about her book, I'll include a picture of a copy in English. Available from discerning bookstores everywhere.


Jean said...

Congrats to your wife! It's also really interesting to look at the covers. The English cover offers no particular clue to the contents; I thought at first it would be a parenting/psychological book. But the Polish version seems to say (not that I can read Polish) that it's a book about traditional Chinese medicine. Plus it has a cover illustration that would cause quite the furor in the US, which just goes to show that cultural standards differ.

Dwight said...

Thanks...she was very surprised. She didn't find out until her publisher sent her two copies of the Polish book.

There's a few things I could say about the cover and standards, but as it seems I have none (standards) I should probably refrain.

Last night I ran the cover through Google translate, and here's what it returned:

Traditional Chinese Medicine

A guide for parents of the west

How to understand unique needs (of)
our children and heal them from the inside