Monday, July 02, 2012

Never out of fashion

Almost immediately, I hit a snag. It is close to impossible to browse a serious library’s collection of porn and porn criticism without getting sucked into big, sexy historical theories. Within an hour of my visit to Harvard’s Widener Library, I was beginning to suspect that smut had been behind the rise of … everything.

- from The Paris Review blog

Posting will be light this week--I'm coming down with a case of the crud and we will be adding a (four-legged) member to the family. More on her later since she'll be on a TV show this year.

I'll leave you with The Paris Review blog's article on some librarian fantasies. Feel free to discuss among yourselves...


Mel u said...

Where were the librarians like this in my college years!

Dwight said...

I like the realization that smut might have been behind the rise of everything.

Uh, yeah. An overstatement, but probably not by much.