Monday, July 30, 2012

Gyula Krudy at Hungarian Literature Online

Another post while I'm away...
"A gentleman does not kick a woman."
"Your lordship is right as far as that goes," said Kazmer Rezeda. "If the occasion arises, strangling is far more appropriate."

Hungarian Literature Online had a recent excerpt from next year's release of Gyula Krúdy's 1931 novel The Knight of the Cordon Bleu. The link takes you to Chapter 14 of the upcoming translation.

There are several more excerpts from some of Krúdy's other books at the site. First, though, is a brief look at his life which undermines his common title of the Hungarian Proust, at least when comparing the two writers' artistic approaches.

Additional posts and excerpts:

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zmkc said...

Specially interesting to read this while sitting on my balcony on the corner of Krudy Gyula street in Budapest.

Dwight said...

There's a lot to be said for timing!