Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Way We Live Now online resources

Lionel G. Fawkes, Chapter 37: 'The Board-Room", The Way We Live Now
"My Lords and Gentlemen," said Melmotte. "I hope that you trust me."

This is part of The Classics Circuit, which is currently reading and posting on Anthony Trollope’s novels. Never having read anything by Trollope, I thought I would take the plunge with The Way We Live Now. Maybe I should have checked to see how thick the book was before I made my choice. I won't meet the December 8th date I’m slated to review the book, but I’ll do my best to provide my usual posts on what I’m reading as soon as I can.

While this is an abbreviated resources post on Trollope, and in particular, The Way We Live Now, if you know of additional links that are helpful feel free to drop me a note or leave a comment.

The text can be found at Project Gutenberg or an audio version at

A map of locations in the novel

Anthony Trollope on The Victorian Web, which includes the essay
Reimagining Heroism in The Way We Live Now
by Rachel Hannah Beck from The Trollope Society

Harvard’s Trollope Prize has a few of its winning essays available online


Mel u said...

Great resource page-I wanted to join in the Trollope event on the Classics Circuit also-I was very happy to find Cousin Henry (less than 300 pages in Oxford Classics Edition) on the sale table for under $2.00-Ford Madox Ford had a very high opinion of Trollope

Dwight said...

Thanks Mel. I've got mixed feelings on the start of TWWLN, which I hope to post on this weekend. (First though, we've got a kid's birthday party to try and pull off)