Friday, June 25, 2010

The Classics Circuit and other fun diversions

I have wanted to mention The Classics Circuit's current focus on imperial Russian literature, so I'll do that now. Having recently read and enjoyed some of the books that will be reviewed I look forward to seeing others' comments on them as well as adding more books to my "To Be Read" stack. I will be posting on Tolstoy's novella Hadji Murad on July 6th. Feel free to check out all the posts and reviews.

While I'm starting Book Four of The Histories, I'll probably focus more on Hadji Murad as well as a few books from the library that are now available to me (John Williams' Stoner and Peter Taylor's A Summons to Memphis). I can't be the only one whose "To Be Read" list grows logarithmically versus my limited, linear amount of reading ...

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