Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Winter's Tale online resources

John Gielgud as Leontes
Picture source

Text of the play

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (MIT)
Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library
Project Gutenberg
MaximumEdge.com has a useful search feature
The Electronic Literature Foundation also has a search engine

Links about the play

Wikipedia’s entry on the play

“Retelling the Tale” by Gideon Lester at the American Repertory Theatre site—a performance history

Notes on the play by Dr. Michael Deahoyde, Washington State University

John Marwick's site, who directed the play. The site contains "study guides, summaries, academic papers, commentaries, photos, paintings, and the text among other things".

Wikipedia entry on Pandosto or The Triumph of Time by Robert Greene, probable inspiration for The Winter’s Tale. The text can be found in the external links at the end of the entry.

A few links on Shakespeare (quirky mix)

Each of the The Winter's Tale text links has all the plays available from their home page

Shakespeare Online

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet (The "Other" Sites link contains a hodgepodge of useful and funny links as well)

Exploring Shakespeare at the Royal Shakespeare Company--notes, video clips, interviews of past performances

Absolute Shakespeare

Shakespeare Resource Center

Google's digitized texts of his plays and Google video results

Shakespeare Online

The Shakespeare page of Dr. Michael Deahoyde, Washington State University

Peter Hadorn's Renaissance and Shakespeare Page (University of Wisconsin at Platteville)

Shakespeare General Resources by Marc Hufnagl (The Harker School)

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