Friday, February 29, 2008

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man links

A few online resources for the next book on my list.

I listed a few general resources on James Joyce in this post

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man text at Project Gutenberg

There are numerous audible versions of the book. Here is the one from LibriVox

Jolanta W. Wawrzycka, Professor of English at Radford University, has posted pictures of her visit to Clongowes Wood College (the pictures used in this post are from her site)

A couple of essays on the work can be found at (there are several essays there on Dubliners as well)

Notes, review questions, and plenty of links at the course page of Michael Webster, Associate Professor at Grand Valley State University

Brandon Kershner's Portrait Page has informative links, especially the Biography page which outlines similarities and differences between Joyce and Stephen Dedalus.

An update to the general James Joyce resources: Flying By the Net: James Joyce in Cyberspace —“designed to be a regular James Joyce Quarterly column, hopes to track the enormous amount of Internet activity that Joyce and his works have inspired”

Update: PQ has a great review and exploration of The Exasperating, Inexhaustible Simplicity of Joyce’s Portrait at his blog A Building Roam

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