Saturday, April 11, 2020

American Shaekspeare Center's online productions

Once again, many thanks to Terry Teachout for directing me to American Shakespeare Center's online productions. From his article:
To date I’ve watched “Much Ado About Nothing” and both installments of “Henry IV, ” all of which are part of ASC’s “Actors’ Renaissance” series, which takes Elizabethan-style authenticity a radical step further. These productions, as was the case in Shakespeare’s day, have no director: Instead, they’re staged by the actors themselves. The no-frills three-camera shoots, like the stagings, are wholly to the point, and while the results are all of a piece with ASC’s fast-moving house style, it’s still thrilling to see the (mostly) youthful, colorfully costumed casts do things their way. The productions are full of musical surprises—the first part of “Henry IV,” for instance, kicks off with a bluegrass-flavored acoustic version of Blue Öyster Cult’s “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper,” an ingeniously apposite touch—and the acting, as always at ASC, is excitingly energetic.

For tickets, go to the above link. Tickets are available through April 19 and shows can be viewed for one week after purchase. This is the third in a series of online play productions Teachout has mentioned (that I've seen). I enjoyed Amadeus and plan on watching 1984 this weekend. These are great stay-at-home entertainment values!

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