Monday, November 25, 2019

The George Eliot Archive

Many thanks to Michael Orthofer at The Literary Saloon for passing on information about the George Eliot Archive.
The George Eliot Archive is an extensive resource for anyone studying the author best known as George Eliot (born Mary Ann Evans), one of the most highly acclaimed novelists in Western literature.

The Archive provides free access to all of Eliot's writings: the standard "Cabinet Edition" of the novels and short stories, her complete poetry, her translations, and all her non-fiction essays. These documents are searchable and downloadable. Visitors also will find hundreds of documents pertaining to George Eliot, including reviews of her works by her contemporaries, early biographical studies by those who knew her, and all known portraits the author created during her lifetime. Our most recent addition is a 60,000-word interactive chronology.

Michael also points out the George Eliot 2019 site, celebrating the bicentenary of her birth. I love having this information easily available, so I greatly appreciate those who point the way to them. I'm obviously late to the party on this one, so thanks to Rohan Maitzen posting about the interview.

One last thing in reproducing Michael's post is the interview with Beverley Rilett, developer of the Archive, by Tara Thomas of The Dickens Project. I wanted to link to The Dickens Project since it may be as new to you as it was to me, and they have some interesting ongoing and upcoming events.

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