Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Ahem…is this thing on?

I realize things have been rather quiet here the past couple of months, but I've got a nice backlog of posts ready to write. Time will be freeing up soon to do so.

One reason things have been quiet is that I was helping my wife with her book proposal, which I'm happy to announce, won the Hay House Writer's Workshop (San Francisco 2013) grand prize! Now she just has to write the book, but I told her not to even worry about it until next week. Time to celebrate…


seraillon said...

Dwight, fantastic news all around! Let us all know when the book materializes.

All best,


Dwight said...

Will do Scott. We're guessing it will be about a year before it hits the shelves. I know what I'll be reading (and reading, and reading, and…) this year.

The Argumentative Old Git said...

Well, that's about thr best excuse for a period of silence I have ever read! :-) (My own excuse for not posting too often is that I'm too damn lazy!)

Bets of luck to your wife with the book!

Dwight said...

Thanks Himadri…that is a great reason, isn't it! She's still in a bit of shock.

And I prefer to call too damn lazy either a reading or writing block. But it usually boils down to being lazy.