Tuesday, April 22, 2014

May 3rd: California Bookstore Day

California Bookstore Day, May 3, 2014

Hopefully there's a store near you…
California Bookstore Day is a statewide party on May 3, 2014 as big and varied as the state itself. It’s more than 90 stores in more than 80 zip codes putting their bells on and throwing out the welcome mat. Think Record Store Day, but for book nerds.

Each store will have its own party. The headline attraction are the just-for-us books you cannot get on any other day at any other place (click here to find the celebration closest to you). But there will also be readings, and prizes, and things to eat and drink. In some cases there will be famous authors and artists, and people writing live poetry.

Your neighbors will be there, your friends will be there, your kids will be there.

You should definitely be there too.

Yep, we'll all be there!


seraillon said...

I did not know about this, so thanks! I'll try to hit Booksmith and City Lights if I can.

Dwight said...

Sounds like lots of fun planned. We have a participating store in our little 'burb, so we'll see what damage we can do.