Wednesday, September 04, 2013

My apologies

My computer died today. And then I made sure the damn thing was dead. Deader than dead. And then some.

Not that he was waiting for the letter, but Michael Dell will not be receiving an invitation to any of our parties any time soon. But then that's been true for the past few years of having to put up with the piece of crap Dell sold me.

I have backups saved as of a couple of weeks ago but I'm mostly worried about all the homeschool work I might have lost since focus right now is on making sure our lessons are uninterrupted. I know I've lost some notes and material on books I'll never get back again, but when you know you're dealing with something that has been as horrible on reliability as what I have had to deal with for so long...shame on me.

Part of me feels good to get rid of the POS (correct me if I'm wrong on the technical description Mr. Dell) that just died, but it will take a few days to get things in order so I can refocus on the blog. Again, my apologies, and hopefully regular blogging will resume soon.


Jean said...

Oh, that's pretty stinky. I'm sorry you lost your notes and all.

Brian Joseph said...

Sorry to hear about the computer troubles. These machines can be maddening and triply maddening when one loses information.

Good luck getting everything sorted out.

Dwight said...

Thanks. Yeah, it's frustrating because I do all my own lesson plans for several subjects. Fortunately a friend has the parts I need to try and salvage the couple of folders I want. We'll see how it goes tomorrow...