Monday, June 03, 2013

A bleg: "Kean," starring Anthony Hopkins

So I went the WorldCat route in trying to obtain a copy of the BBC performance of Jean-Paul Sartre's "Kean" with Anthony Hopkins in the title role. There are only two libraries listed with copies and neither loan audio-visual material. So I'm out of luck with that approach.

If anyone has a copy or knows how to get a copy of this performance (it is listed here) I would greatly appreciate any and all leads. I'm not sure the product matches what I'm looking for. The two sources with the videos (both on VHS) are not consistent with the description, so I think I need a different approach.

I would love a full version of this play to view, and this is a play I would love to post about on my blog! Any help is greatly appreciated.


garymey said...

It was on Turner Classic Movies tonight so many people must now have it. I DVr'd it.

Dwight said...

I happened to see it listed just before it started and recorded it. Despite the listing saying it was the Anthony Hopkins version I think it was the 1924 film instead. Guess I'll have one more post on this work after all. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I, too, would just love to be able to find a copy of this superb TV adaptation. I recall it very fondly from PBS in the 1980s.

Please, anyone with a lead on a copy on any medium please contact me or reply here.