Friday, February 08, 2013

(Short) Weekend veiwing

Check out these crazy kids performing in Athens on the Hill of Muses in the summer of 1989, covering Van Morrison's "Foreign Windows" and "One Irish Rover." I hope they have accomplished something since looks like they're up to no good here.

For more on the collaboration, click here.


kayndum2 said...

Oh hey it's you again, happened to stumble on your blog once more. I'm not on the same account I was on years ago when I posted that thing on Jevgeni Onegin, correcting a spelling mistake you'd made.
I'm glad I found this again, looking forward to catching up.

Also, "Weekend veiwing."

kayndum2 said...

Oh wait, I am on the same account, would you look at that.

Sorry for not having anything insightful to say, 11 PM and high school life, you know.

Dwight said...

Good to see you again. Hope you enjoy getting caught up.