Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekend listening

Still recovering from a happy hour from last night with former co-workers. The high (low?) point of the evening was a potential recreation of a live karaoke performance (singing with a live, performing group) of a ... ummm... rumored performance at a company meeting. By me. Fortunately things didn't escalate to that point. The crowd and police breathed a sigh of relief.

Anyway, for your enjoyment: instead of some instant viewing, let's visit a fun listening experiences for the weekend. I've been a fan of the Bedazzled blog ever since I first stumbled across it. The tagline is "Music, Movies, Microcode & High Speed Pizza Delivery" but what I enjoy the most are the vintage videos and the old singles provided in the posts. The most recent post is the second post on the burgeoning P-Funk enterprise (which was a staple at the local coliseum where I grew up). Check out this week's post on George Clinton Productions, Part Two and listen to some fun and funky '60s tunes. Included in the post are the following songs:

"Our Love (Is In The Pocket)" by Darrel Banks
"Look at What I Almost Missed" by Pat Lewis
"Headache in My Heart" by The Debonaires
"I'll Wait" by Pat Lewis
Pat Lewis with "Hey Mama (What You Got Good For Daddy)" and "Let's Have A Love-In (Cause everybody Needs Love)"


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