Monday, August 20, 2012


I was unplugged for a few days--I highly recommend it. Sometimes it's fun just to have fun.

I'll be unplugged again this coming weekend (although with a much lower fun factor). Subjects for posts I have planned to write:
  • The Desert of the Tartars movie
  • Film, 20-minute feature by Samuel Beckett, starring (if that's the correct word) Buster Keaton
  • La Regenta by Leopoldo Alas. I've just finished the book and the good news is it's extraordinary. The bad news, for those wanting to read it, is the length, because you will want to finish it once you start. Expect several posts on this. I'll be watching the 1995 TV series, too.
  • Voyage to Kazohinia by Sándor Szathmári

That should easily take up the next two weeks or so...

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