Friday, January 13, 2012



Fred said...


I'm rather dense this day, so I'm not connecting here at all.

Dwight said...

Fred, don't worry. It's the title page of Bear: The Hard Life and Good Times of Alabama's Coach Bryant by Paul W. (Bear) Bryant and John Underwood. My mom stood in line (with a cold) to have him sign it. I just unearthed it the other evening and wanted to scan this page.

Fred said...


OK, thanks. I was wondering if I was being denser than usual.

"Bear" Bryant, I haven't heard that name in ages.

Dwight said...

While at Alabama I was in a service organization and every few weeks I had to meet and get checks signed by an old classmate of Bryant. I heard some nice tales that, for some reason, didn't make the book.

Most were mild, but even so they opened a window on a long-past world...such as ferries across the Mississippi River (mid-'30s), with plenty of gambling available when the boat left the dock.