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The Landmark Arrian: The Campaigns of Alexander online resources

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One great thing about the Landmark editions is the support provided within each book: maps, indexes, annotations, appendices help make reading the work more rewarding and enjoyable. Providing an online resource post for a book from the series seems unnecessary but I like to do it anyway.

A database with links to major and minor ancient sources on Alexander’s history. The Arrian work is the translation by E.J. Chinnock (1893).

The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook links related to Alexander

pothos.org, billed as Alexander the Great's home on the web

Excerpts from Penguin Books’ The Campaigns of Alexander, translated by Aubrey de Sélincourt. The introduction by J. R. Hamilton appears to be complete.

The article “The Loneliness of Alexander the Great” by Conrad Clough, focusing on the same topic of Ernst Badian’s Alexander the Great and the Loneliness of Power. Also note the “related article” section in the sidebar.

Alexander's Last Days: Malaria and Mind Games? - an article by John Atkinson, Elsie Truter, and Etienne Truter. Originally published in Acta Classica.

Alexander the Great on the Web: links, links and more links

You can find any post regarding Arrian on my site here, including all the posts at Forbes’ “Booked” blog with historians James Romm and Paul A. Cartledge

The Reading Odyssey should have podcasts, book by book, available on their site after each conference call this year. More information on the schedule can be found in this post.

A review of The Landmark Arrian: The Campaigns of Alexander by Victor Davis Hanson

Some resources from university or class sites:

The University of Warwick’s module for Alexander. Not everything in the sidebar is currently available.

Prof. Nicholas K. Rauh’s site for Purdue’s Spring 2010 class on Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World. I have only checked out a few pages in the section of lecture notes but they look helpful.

The syllabus, with a few links, of Barbara Saylor Rodgers’ Fall 2006 course on Alexander the Great at the University of Vermont

A Lego version of Alexander (from the FC Historical Figure contest)

Update (10 Oct 2011): Mary Beard has an article titled "Alexander: How Great?" at the New York Review of Books which covers several books on Alexander (and one on Philip)

Update (16 Jan 2012): Scott McCulloch at Ancient Life has a discussion on 5 Recommended Books On Alexander The Great. Be sure to check out the comments for additional recommendations.

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