Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday to Me

“I’m feeling thankful for the small things today”

While I was gone from home the boys developed colds, the dog tried to have puppies, and I am overwhelmed by the emails and voice mails that are piled up at work. Be that as it may, I will still celebrate the start of my 50th year and enjoy the eBook my wife gave me.

I will resume writing about The Histories this week and probably take a slightly different approach on Book Seven (several smaller posts) since it is the heart of the book, packed with lots of stories and fun reading.

“I guess I’m happy to see your face at a time like this”


William Michaelian said...

I’m pleased to say you don’t look a day over forty-nine. Happy birthday, kid!

Dwight said...

Thanks William. At this point, I'll take advantage of any angle!

Mel u said...

Happy Birthday-may you discover in the next year new to you writers that are better than anything you have ever read before!I read The Histories a long time ago and am glad you are enjoying them-reading suggestion-The March Of Literature by Ford Madox Ford-yes weird at times but a work of genius

Dwight said...

Thanks mel. I think you summed up Ford in general with that! I'll have to check it out soon.