Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Recently Deflowered Girl by Mel Juffee and Edward Gorey

Published in 1965, the scans from The Recently Deflowered Girl at Bitten Nails Design & Illustration brought back memories of several upscale, tongue-in-cheek "racy" books from the '60s. Not that I was old enough to understand the few I saw, of course. For a fun diversion, check out Mel Juffee's....I mean Hyacinthe Phypps' advice and Edward Gorey's illustrations. From the Editor's Note:

For more than half a century Miss Hyacinthe Phypps has been offering guidance on proper behavior. Her simple rules of propriety and common sense have helped a generation of girls over the threshold to womanhood. Recognizing the need that still prevails today, Miss Phypps has been kind enough to put between the covers of this book her words of advice that have been so valuable in so many typical situations. It is the editors’ fondest hope that this book will serve the current generation of young ladies as it served their mothers.

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