Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Virginia Woolf online resources

Listed below are a few online resources I found on Virginia Woolf and the two books I intend to read now.

Source for picture

Virginia Woolf's Wikipedia entry

Works available at Project Gutenberg
      Project Gutenberg Australia has ebooks available to more of Woolfs’ books. Copyright law will vary depending on country.

Virginia Woolf seminar page from the University of Alabama in Huntsville
      See also their links page
      and their Woolfiana page (more than you ever wanted to know but helpful nonetheless)
      Class guidelines, handouts and lectures for the advanced studies

The International Virginia Woolf Society (with plenty of links)

The Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain (with a helpful materials page at what looks to be an old website)

University of Alabama in Huntsville seminar page
      Notes on the lecture

The New York Times 1925 review of To the Lighthouse (registration required)
      Or possibly here (sponsored archives).
      I need to find out why it has a 1925 date when the book was published in 1927.

Ian Johnson, a retired instructor (now a Research Associate) at Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada has notes on To the Lighthouse here.
      (I just discovered his site, which can be found here. This looks to be a treasure trove of university lectures and notes that is incredibly helpful.)

The poetry that is quoted or alluded to in To the Lighthouse can be found at the Stanford Reads Stanford Book Salon

A Clemson page on To the Lighthouse. If you modify the address you can find more, including links to Georgia O'Keeffe and T.S. Eliot.

University of Alabama in Huntsville seminar page
      Notes on the lecture

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