Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Attempt at Resuscitation

As things are straightening out regarding work and home, I’m hoping to start posting again on the books I read. Since I was essentially the only one posting, I’ll start back with the direction I would like to go. I tend to immerse myself in certain eras and read a handful in a row from that period, so I’ll start back with some Modernism works.

First up is a good precursor to that period: Rudyard Kipling. He is almost never spoken of anymore except with disdain for his alleged apologia for empire. The only good things I hear about him are related to his children’s stories so I thought I would explore for myself what some of his works included. I’ll read a few of his short stories and then tackle Kim. After that I’ll go in the rough order of Joseph Conrad, Ford Maddox Ford, and D. H. Lawrence. As usual, I’ll make it up as I go along.

Any comments, thoughts, links, etc. are always greatly appreciated!

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