Thursday, July 13, 2006

Northanger Abbey links

I thought having a post with links related to Northanger Abbey would be helpful to some people. If you find something that relates to the book or Austen that you think is helpful, relay that information in the comments and I'll be happy to add to this post.

Online texts:
- Project Gutenberg
- University of Virginia's e-text center
- Bibliomania

Book information:
- Wikipedia entry
- I found this site that has a wealth of Northanger Abbey links available (post a comment if you find anything interesting from the links)
- A calendar for Northanger Abbey
- A selection of critical essays on Northanger Abbey
- SparkNotes study guide for Northanger Abbey

Some helpful links sent to me (thanks Barry!):
- An intro to Northanger Abbey (without spoilers)
- An explanation of female education (Catherine Morland's bouts with this regimen of "accompishments" is handled with wonderful comic appeal in the opening chapter of the novel)
- A wonderful look at Regency era dress styles
- A map of Bath
- On the realities of marriage

There are many options for reading the book, but I wanted to draw notice to the Longman Cultural Edition. I had not seen this series before now. They have additional information on cultural context, critical reviews, and literary references. For those familiar with the Norton Critical Edition, this is in a similar line.

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Eileen said...

Sorry - I'm one of the people that never finished reading Vanity Fair - but I'm excited about Northanger Abbey - I just finished reading it two weeks ago!

Could you add a site feed to this blog? I read almost all of my blogs through a reader - one of the reasons that I lost track of this one.