Friday, May 05, 2006

Character names

Can we just talk about the character names?

Some of my favorites:

The law firm of Hulker, Bullock and Bullock
Mrs. Rougemont, the actress
Sir Huddleston Fuddleston
Sir Giles Wapshot and the Misses Wapshot

Most of them are not very subtle, which I appreciate. Even "Miss Sharp" is a very telling name.


Dwight said...

The ones I liked were the ones that are named after something or hint at something else:

Rawdon--raw done?
Bute--buteo is a hawk, which describes the reverand's wife
Mrs. Firkin--a small wooden vessel
Dobbin--a plodding farm horse

Dwight said...

I think I just ran into my favorite name yet--the brewer's daughter, Miss Grains.

Dwight said...

Second favorite--the Rev. Felix Rabbits, who happened to have 14 daughters.