Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Preliminary Vanity Fair reading schedule

The book is around 700 pages long in the copy I have. I’m debating on how much to schedule each week since many of us don’t have a lot of time to read. I’ll start with approximately 100 pages a week so we can finish in less than 2 months. That will work out to a little more than a chapter a day on average. If we find most people are lagging behind, we can amend the schedule. I realize it may be too slow for some, but hopefully this pace will strike a good balance.

I’ll add the schedule to the sidebar. The dates listed are when I’ll post general questions to get the discussion rolling for the chapters covered. If anyone feels like posting something before then about what we’re covering that week, please feel free to do so. My only request is to try and not post about anything ahead of the schedule, or at least clearly designate the post or comment as a spoiler if you do.

I’ve never moderated a book discussion in blog format before, so this is definitely a learning experience for me. I greatly value feedback and constructive criticism, so don’t hold back! Anyway, on with the schedule:

April 27: Chapters 1 – 10
May 4: Chapters 11 – 20
May 11: Chapters 21 – 29
May 18: Chapters 30 – 38
May 25: Chapters 39 – 42
June 1: Chapters 43 – 56
June 8: Chapters 57 – 67
June 15: Book vs. movie

Let me know how the pace goes so we can adjust accordingly. If there is interest, we can schedule an online chat about the book, also.


mapgirl said...

I'll try to get a copy at the library soon. :-)

Tiredbuthappy said...

Can we bump the schedule back by a week? I'm thinking while folks are still trying to get the book, it's too soon to expect them to read 100 pages by this Friday. I've had the book since last Wednesday, but I'm not sure I'm going to make the first deadline myself, partly because I read a whole other novel this weekend (sorry--Vanity Fair sort of felt like homework).